Anchorage international Film Festival 2011

[Last update: Dec. 20, 2011 - I've added links to videos of animated film makers Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter (Something Left, Something Taken) and Patrick and Michele Neary (Landscape with Duck); and Super Short creator Peter Masyk (The Pole).]

I still have more photos, thoughts, and videos I'm hoping to add. 

This year's festival began Friday December 2 and ended December 11.  But with three nights of Best of the Fest films shown at the Alaska Experience Theater.  Opening night included the showing of the movie Inuk and Director Mike Magidson, Ole Jørgen Hammeken, and Jean-Michel Huctin were there for Q&A after the showing.

The official website for the: Anchorage International Film Festival.

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  • Guide to Using the AIFF Website - AIFF added Festival Genius to their website last year.  It adds a lot, but there are also some tricks.
AWARDS POSTS - I live blogged the awards.  Here's the series of posts.  "Live Blogging - The Awards List" has all the awards in one post. 

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    • Busy Sunday - mentions  This Is Not Real and Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens
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