Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Venice Boardwalk - High Surf, Skateboarding, T-Shirts, Scooters, And A Macaw

It was a warmer, but hazier day and the recent rains seem to have stirred up the surf.

I'm not sure how high this surf was, but the people are closer (to the camera) and higher than the base of the wave, so it was a good size wave.

And then it crashed into the rocks.  There aren't a lot of rocks along this part of the beach, but they made for some dramatic splashing.

This was near the skateboard park.

We talked to this guy - Ryan.  He and three brothers, he said, had started their own clothing company.  He's the youngest.

You can see what they sell at Havet Clothing.

Back to the Boardwalk

Where to one side people were filming.  TV?  Movie?  Commercial?  Don't know.  It's a pretty busy shot, but if you look carefully, you can see a camera on the left.  There were also a couple of big screens for the lighting.  But they're not in the picture.  They seemed to be focused on the guy on the merry-go-round horse,

A guy was finger-painting, so to speak, high above us.  Is that going to be an accordion?

And on we walked  by a T-shirt shop.  If you click the image you can see the shirts better.

Those are scooters he's holding and was riding. They're ones he found that need to be recharged.  He collects them, takes them home, recharges them, and gets paid, I think he said $5 for each one.  We saw another guy riding about five scooters.  This is another piece of the scooter boom story.

And finally, before we headed home, we came across this magnificent blue macaw sitting on a railing with his caregiver.


  1. Ah, these shots make me homesick, coming from Newport Beach, CA. And Ryan --like his peers, so handsome and tan and confident with American names: Kyle, Matt, Ryan -- no Georges or Harolds or Freds -- with garage (starting out) little businesses. My sister rents one of her houses at the beach to a guy who works for a company that makes Climate Change gear -- you can imagine what. The company is booming.

  2. Or was it the ocean and sunshine and t-shirts that made you homesick? :)


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