Friday, January 11, 2019

The Ocean Never Ceases To Hypnotize Me

Even in a big city like Los Angeles - a city which has, I discovered today, escalators for shopping carts - the ocean still connects you with the most ancient and basic forces of nature.  (But first, I can't resist documenting this triumph of consumerism.)

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and we're scheduled to fly home, so I decided to get one more bike ride in just in case it really does rain.

So off to Venice Pier this time to see if those huge waves from the other day were still around. (No, they weren't).  I even took my big camera which refused to work (seems it was something with the sound card, it works now, but I had to use the little camera.)

South of the pier
North of the pier

I can just feel that wave pulling the water into it as it forms.

And then as it crashes it pulls the water from behind. (Or does it just look that way?)

Related to that escalator for shopping carts, this Venice resident seems to be reacting to the gentrification that's finally catching up with Venice, particularly with the growing population of well-paid techies working in the neighborhood.

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