Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Energy Of Youngins

I accompanied my granddaughter to the Learning Farm for a half day of farm stuff.

There was goat feeding.

Chicken feeding.  

Collecting eggs.

A ride on a horse.

Some snack and story time.  

Cleaning out the horse stalls.

At first Z was afraid of feeding the goats.  The chickens were different because you crunched up the crackers then dropped them on the ground.  She didn't have to put her fingers near their mouths.  But later, when we played with the baby goats, she asked for a cracker to feed the mom and then she was hooked.  

This was a fun activity to do together.  We opted for half day, but you could stay the whole day.  Some kids come several days a week.  When I asked if some parents use the farm as day care, the lady said, yes.  I was the only adult who stayed with their kid.  

When we got home, there was a quick lunch and then Grandma took her swimming while Grandpa took a nap.  

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  1. We wonder of seeing new worlds as humans. We only need see this world as children. Lucky kids.


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