Sunday, July 01, 2018

Anchorage Immigration Protest Rally 2

Post 1 with lots of pictures is here.  Keeping track of what I put up yesterday so I didn't duplicate today got a bit hairy.

Hector Ortiz and friends (including grandchildren) played music.  They began with Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion."

This was after a lot of speakers and by this time the crowd had thinned out a bit.

Listening to the music.

I'm guessing Ruth Sheridan, who celebrated her 100th birthday this year was the oldest participant.

And a reminder of another big national issue:  homelessness.  When I rode along the bike trail to the rally, there were two official looking vans on the trail, some stopped cyclists, and a couple of men carrying large black garbage bags out of the woods.

On my way home, at Valley of The Moon park, this truck looked like it was full of stuff that had been cleared from the homeless camps.


  1. I missed Ruth Sheridan's 100th birthday party! Damn.

  2. The only candidate calling for ICE to be abolished and end detention of migrants is Carol "Kitty" Hafner, Democrat for Alaska U.S. Representative. Her opponents have been putting out a lot of smears, but she is a rock solid congressional candidate. I'm voting for Carol Hafner in the Democratic Primary. Her website is

  3. Your endorsement would mean more if it weren't anonymous.


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