Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Impressive Student Art At Anchorage Museum

When my granddaughter was here last we, we visited the museum to see the children's art exhibit.

Conlan Cantrell
Grade 5
Sand Lake Elementary

This is a close-up of the picture.

Katherine Reinbold
Grade 5
Sand Lake Elementary

Randy Lee
Grade 4
Williwaw Elementary

Emory Banker
Grade 12
West High

Amaeli Kam-Magruder

Pink Rose
Grade 7
Mears Middle School

Ada Bjorkman
Self Portrait
Grade 8
Rilke Schule German Charter School

Abigail Barios

Grade 8
Wendler Middle School

Ann Bebauer
Grade 12
Service High School

Francis Giovanni Anino
Cousin JoAnne
Grade 12
Service High School

Brian Cuevas Fuentes
High School Wolf
Grade 9
West High School

Kristine Felipe
La Muerte
Grade 11
West High School

This is by no means a selection of the best.  There were lots and lots of works of art.  These were a few that caught our eye.  And a friend had strongly recommended that we visit the polar bears, and it was a great idea.  These are real kid magnets and the guard watched carefully as we walked into the room (in the new addition that was completed last year.)  But my munchkin had lots of self control.

Paola Pivi’s Polar Bears

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  1. Steve,
    These are really nice works,very impressive. Moved for their imagination.



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