Saturday, April 07, 2018

Finally Made It To The New Writer's [Block] Bookstore and Cafe [UPDATED]

[UPDATE April 8, 2018 9:30am -  Grrrr! It's Writer's Block Bookstore, not Writer's Bookstore.  But I know how it happened, sort of.  Spell check.  Block got misspelled, then I somehow turned it into Blockstore which spellcheck didn't like, and then Block disappeared altogether.  I woke up with this floating in my head and now I finally came to check and sure enough, Block had been dropped.  Is this a variant of writer's block?]

What used to be an adult bookstore is now a comfy little bookstore and cafe on Spenard.   I had two separate pictures of the front and merged them into one.   That's not quite what it looks like.  The angles were too different.

But my renderings of the inside are more accurate.

There aren't a lot of books, but it looks like they were carefully chosen.  (I'm sorry, but I think the word 'curated' is much overused.  It used to be about putting together a museum exhibit and now you can 'curate' any combination of things.  I'm sure there are curated garage sales now.)

You can also get snacks and beverages.

The bookstore's website has much more beautiful pictures than mine and more information about other activities at the bookstore.

I also took a couple of pictures of books whose covers and titles caught my eye.

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