Saturday, March 03, 2018

This Guy Really Doesn't Want You to Pee or Park In His Driveway

We're in San Francisco visiting grandkids and their parents.

While waiting for the order to come, out side in the intermittent sun and it was suggested I take my grandson up the street so he wouldn't fidget too much.  We got to a little driveway with these two signs.

This is obviously a recurrent problem because this person went to great lengths and spent a bit of cash to make these signs.

I stopped at the end of the last sentence to check if he did post any video of violators on Youtube.  Closest I could find was this video about using pee-repelling paint in San Francisco.  It causes the liquid to bounce back on the perpetrator.  Probably not helpful for homeless people who don't have easy access to clean clothes or a washing machine.

[If you're visually impaired, the top picture shows a no-peeing sign (silhouette of a man peeing with a red circle and line through it) and then two other images.  First a man peeing against the wall, then a Youtube sign.  The second picture shows a metal sculpture of a tow truck pulling a car.]


  1. Sure fooled me. Before I read the whole story, I was thinking this guy probably chained a coastal brown bear to his bumper in the driveway. That would keep me from taking a leak in that particular zip code.

    It actually turned out funnier your way. Dang it!

    1. I understand the frustration one might feel if this happened regularly. Homelessness is the main culprit for the first problem. It's an American disgrace. The LA Times has been doing a series on homelessness in LA.
      The parking problem can have more immediate consequences as you try to back out of your garage and there's a car blocking you.
      With all the rich tech companies and their employees here, you'd think they could come up with some humane approaches to homelessness. And downtown SF already had a high walkability score, not sure about how to improve the parking.


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