Friday, March 23, 2018

I Have A Potential Shooter/Terrorist/Bomber To Report . . .

After every shooting and bombing, well, any event where one 'mentally ill' person manages to kill three or more people, we hear the refrain "everyone should have seen the signs before it came to this.  It's a failure of the system.  Guns aren't the problem, it's mental illness."

Well I'd like to report a guy who thinks he's president of the United States, which he believes, allows him to do whatever he wants.  He hangs out with some truly strange people who urge him to do really bizarre stuff,  but they tend not to stay for long.  If they disagree with him on anything, he kicks them out.

He tweets threatening messages to people who disagree with him, whether they are members of Congress, judges, journalists, FBI, football players, former sex partners,  ordinary citizens, or leaders of other countries.

And for him the truth is whatever he says it is at any given moment.

He has a suitcase, I'm told with which he can blow up the world.  It has instructions on how to set off nuclear weapons. (One positive is that he doesn't like getting instructions from anyone.)  He's got this huge cache of weapons and he's recently gotten approval for an additional nearly $700 billion in weapons and other war supplies.  I think there should be a two year waiting period before he gets any of that.

I doubt there is any other single individual with more resources to do harm to the world, whether though actual arms and weapons or through destruction of the environment, civilization and community, and the good will that humans have been able to develop over the years.  And his behavior is erratic and unpredictable.  (I don't even think that's completely true - his specific actions may be, but the underlying motivation seems to be satisfying his own need for the moment.).  He's unpredictable and decidedly misogynist.

So rather than be sorry, I think it's my duty as an American citizen and as a human being to report him.  He needs serious psychological review.  I

f Republicans in Congress are serious about stopping violence through catching the mentally ill who show signs they might commit acts of violence, it's time to review this man's stability, particularly given the stash of weapons he's collecting.

I predict a serious act of violence if he is allowed continued free reign (pun intended.)  And then everyone left will be wringing their hands either saying, "who could have known" or "I always thought . . ."


  1. Ever since Mr. Trump came into office, I have to stop myself from asking: can it get any worse?

  2. About a month ago, I was waiting for a bus. A man sat down next to me on the bench and said, "I have a bomb." He continued with nonsense ("I'm going to kill Iranians and get a million dollars..."),
    but I walked far away and asked a young man with a phone to call 911 about the man and his bomb threat, giving no details other than he said he had a bomb.

    "Are you serious?" the young man said.
    "Yes! will you call?"
    He just shrugged and turned away from me.

    That is what too many people in America are doing right now -- turning away. Too many others have been convinced by this dictator anything said against him is just fake news.

    It is disheartening, maddening, sick-making, frightening. What can we do? Just watch and wait? Of course vote, and try to believe the election in 2018 is not rigged, that ours votes will matter.

    I want to live long enough to see this endless nightmare ended.

  3. Steve:
    I think this article is very meaningful. Although the way you write is ironic, I can see the helplessness behind the text. I wish I can understand your mood.
    I am reading a book recently named American vertigo by Bernard-Henry Levy. When it was translated into Chinese, the “Vertigo” is interpreted “迷惘”, something like “Lost” or “Confused”. Sort of a person who cannot find his direction, he is painful for the uncertainty of the future. Do you know this book. If you do, what do you think about it? Did Levy described a real United States? I am not sure.
    Frankly speaking, as a Chinese, my understanding of the United States is quite limited. I know that our two countries are at different stages of development. However, in my opinion, the issues of gun control and racial discrimination in the United States are still very serious.
    But on the other hand, it may also be the “price” of freedom or something else. Of course, we do have a lot of “price”. You know it. I didn't even dare to say it, let alone write it openly like you.



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