Monday, January 01, 2018

Famous People Born in 1918 Part I - Politics and Music

Getting perspective is always good.  Looking back 100 years helps do that.  So as 2018 begins, let's look at who was born 100 years ago.  And remember the babies you see this year may be on a list like this in 2118.  Treat them well.

Also, consider that if they lived in the same neighborhood, these folks would have been classmates at school.  We don't always recognize famous folks who were cohorts.  I'm grouping them by areas they gained fame and in order of their deaths.  These are just a few of the 1918 birth group who did noteworthy (a non-judgmental term) things.  I'll do one or two more posts with other categories.


Two African leaders and Nobel Peace Prize winners, but overall a sketchy group.  One assassinated and two others executed.

Julius Rosenberg1953    Death Penalty Convicted Spy
Anwar el-Sadat1981President of Egypt, Nobel Peace Prize, Assassinated 
Nicolae Ceausecu1989Romanian Communist leader, Executed after fall of Soviet Union
Spiro Agnew 1996Disgraced Vice President under Nixon, forced to resign
Kurt Waldheim2007President of Austria, UN Gen Sec.  Nazi past exposed late in his life.
Howard Hunt2007Nixon WH plumber, organized dirty tricks for Nixon
Betty Ford 201l First Lady, Gerald Ford, Betty Ford Foundation Addiction Help
Nelson Mandela 2013 Political prisoner then President of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize,

[UPDATE Jan 2, 2018:  AKBright reminded me in a comment below that Anchorage's Ruth Sheridan was born in 1918.  She's still visible around town and still fighting for justice.  Somewhere I must have a picture of her, but not sure where.]


Some great ones in this group.

Professor Longhair    1980     "rattled the keys with a mélange of boogie-woogie,
New Orleans parade beats and Caribbean rhythm."
Leonard Bernstein1990West Side Story and so much more
Pearl Bailey1990Singer extraordinaire 
Brigit Nilsson 2005 Swedish soprano opera great
Marian McPartland2013Jazz pianist, NPR piano jazz host
Alan Jay Learner2014Lyricist for My Fair Lady and other musicals

Part 2 is coming.

For a longer list, see this page at Biography.

When I first did a post like this back in 2007, I had to work hard to pull names together.  Now there are lots of sites that do this, so I don't think my efforts here need to be as extensive as the original ones.


  1. Regarding famous people born in 1918, I would like to add one least she is famous in my circle here in Anchorage: Ruth Sheridan
    On Sunday, January 7th, the topic of the 9:00 social justice fellowship at the Anchorage UUF is "The Ruth Sheridan Century".

    1. Yes, a great suggestion. I guess she would fit in many categories, but political would work. Thanks. Sorry I won't be in Anchorage for that event.


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