Friday, January 05, 2018

Famous People Born 1918 Part 2: ""Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says 'Make Me Feel Important.' Not only will you succeed in business, you will succeed in life."


It was a good year for Nobel Prize winners.  (There were two Peace Prize winners in yesterday's post.)

Richard Feynman   1988    Nobel Prize Physics
Julian Schwinger1994    "Indeed, relativistic quantum mechanics - the union of the complementarity 
principle of Bohr with the relativity principle of Einstein - is quantum field theory. " *
Gertrude Elion1999Nobel Prize Medicine - Leukemia, Herpes Drug Pioneer
Franco Modigliani 2003Nobel Prize Economics
Frederick Sanger 2013Nobel Prize Chemistry 1958 and 1980
Katherine G. Johnson**NASA Mathematician portrayed in "Hidden Figures"
Jens C. Skou **Nobel Prize Chemistry

*From Schwinger's Nobel lecture in 1965

**As I write this, Katherine G. Johnson and Jens C. Skou appear to be still alive.  Johnson's 100th birthday will be next August 26,  Skou's will be next October 8

Here's some video that shows why Feynman was such a popular physicist.


[UPDATE Jan 6, 2017:  Barbara Carlson points out in the comments that this video doesn't download.  I've checked and I have the right embed code, so don't know why it's not working.  Here's the link:  ]


Sam Walton    1992  Founder of Walmart and Sam's Club
Mary Kay Ash   2001Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

The headline quote comes from Mary Kay Ash.  I think it's a great way to view the world.  I've recommended that we all treat everyone we meet or see on the street as if they were actual or future Nobel Prize winners or US presidents.  (The presidency will regain its luster post eventually.)  Here suggestion is more direct.  But it's only good advice if it's genuine and not a sales strategy.

Read the link above that tells the rosy story of Mary Kay Ash.  But then also read this story that argues Mary Kay's company doesn't do its women salesforce nearly as much good as officially claimed.


William Holden    1981  Academy & Emmy Award Winning Actor
Rita Hayworth1987Dancer, Pinup, Actor
Art Carney2003Academy Award Winning Actor - Honeymooners Actor
Ingmar Bergman2007Academy Award Winning Swedish Director

Below is a short homage of sorts to Ingmar Bergman, De Düve.  I can't resist.  I remember first seeing this in a theater and slowly figuring out what was going on.


Bob Feller2010Cleveland Pitcher, Hall of Famer
Leroy Walker2012First Black To Lead US Olympic Committee, Coach US Olympic Team


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  2008Transcendental Meditation Guru To Beatles and world 
Oral Roberts2009Pentacostal Televangelist, Founder Oral Roberts University
Billy Graham*[2018]"The Pope Of Protestant America" Religious Advisor to Presidents

*As I write this, Billy Graham is still alive. [UPDATED Feb 23, 2018:  Billy Graham passed away February 21, 2018.]

A Few Others

These don't fit into neat categories.

Frank M. Johnson  1999  White Alabama Judge Who Ruled Against Segregation
Ann Landers2002Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer - Advice Columnist
Jack Paar2004Investor and Host Of The Late Night Show
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  2008Nobel Prize in Literature, Expelled from Soviet Union
Abigail Van Buren2013Pauline Ester Friedman Phillips, and Twin Sister of Ann Landers

Here's Jack Paar interviewen Judy Garland:

As I mentioned in Famous People Born In 2018 Part I, all these folks, had they grown up in the same neighborhood, would have been in the same class at school.

In case you haven't figured it out, in each category, people are listed in the order that they died.


  1. The Feynmann vid won't download. I've read all his books and is one of the people I'd love to have dinner with, as in "My Dinner with André" -- I've look it up on YouTube.


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