Monday, January 08, 2018

A Little Rain Makes Me Think About Life After Humans

It rained overnight in LA.

Looking at the drops left on the leaf reminds me that nature follows set patterns.  We talk about human caused global warming harming the earth.  But 'harm' is in the eye of the beholder.

The earth will change, but it will survive.  How humans and other living things will survive is another story.  Some argue that without humans,  the non-human living things will thrive.  The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement calls for people to stop procreating.  There's even two seasons of Life After People on  (A quick look suggests that all the pollutants we've already created and have sitting around will cause massive harm.)

UPDATE 8:45pm:  The rain got more serious later in the day:

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  1. I submit that we really don't have a vote about "Life After Humans" as the damage, although subtle, has already been done. It's just going to be Us watching the decline. Remember: Mother Nature Bats Cleanup


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