Thursday, October 05, 2017

Still Life With Steller Jay (And PhotoShop Filters)

When I came upstairs, J, with calm urgency, asked me to get it out.  I had no idea what she was talking about until she pointed at a Steller Jay in our living room.  This was a different experience than when we had the black capped chickadee earlier this summer.  It was struggling to fly against the windows.  When I lowered the shades and opened the sliding glass door, it found its way out quickly.

The jay was not as bold as it is when it visits us out on the deck.  It hid under the couch and side tables.  I tried to take pictures with my rebel, but the shutter jammed on all the different settings I tried.  So I had to use my little powershot.  This picture below was the best shot of the jay, but part of the picture was totally washed out and the rest a bit fuzzy.  So I cropped it and put it through different filters in Photo Shop.  Except for poster edges, the differences are very subtle (to my eye anyway.)  There is more or less light in different parts of the images from filter to filter.  Some parts are sharper than others.  So here they are:

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