Sunday, October 29, 2017

Blustery, Gray, Fall Day Walk In The Woods

It may not be Yosemite, but it was still very cool and only a 25 minute drive from home.  Here are a few pics from our McHugh Creek hike this afternoon.

Heading up the trail from the parking lot through the leafless cottonwoods.

We could hear the wind roaring above us, but down on the trail, in amongst the trees there wasn't much wind.  And despite the wet streets and rain earlier in the day, there were only scattered drops now and then.

Ripe rosehips provided snacks along the way.

The only wild life we saw were occasional ravens taking advantage of the winds.

At one point there was water runoff crossing the creek.  Some spots had little boardwalks - maybe a few feet over the worst water and mud.  Other spots had slices of tree trunk.  But at one point I realized that my foot had lifted up without my shoe.  The picture is after I got it pulled out of the muck.

Naked trees.

Trail through spruce.  Then through cottonwoods again.  Turnagain Arm in the background.

It felt great to be in the wind and winter ready trees and earth.

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