Sunday, September 17, 2017

Having Trouble Figuring Out What's Politically Correct And What's Just Correct?

I don't see much difference in concept among these events.  But some have been called politically correct while others aren't.  Can you guess which of these events have been labeled 'politically correct' and which ones haven't?

The only distinction I can see is if the action is taken by liberals, it's political correctness.  If by conservatives it's not.

Which just helps demonstrate what I've said all along - political correctness is when someone behaves  a certain way so as not to rile the powers that be.  But the Right has done its PR magic to make it seem that only the Left is politically correct.  When the Right does this, it's just the right thing to do.


  1. Take a look at your August 13 post, you call out the guy with the sign (and reasonably so) but the guys in the Guy Hawkes masks get a pass. We all know that people wearing masks to demonstrations are for the most part up to no good. It would have been nice to hear why they were afraid of showing themselves during a demonstration supporting ‘love and diversity and against hate’.

    1. Possibly, but I did see them take the masks off and put them back on again a few times. I'd also note that I do get emails whenever there's a comment and blogger also lists them. So even if you comment on a very old post, I'll see it. That helps me see the spam comments and delete them. I mention all that cause I wasn't sure if you weren't putting this comment on that post cause you thought I might miss it.


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