Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1. Bird House 2. Northern Lights Inn Is Out

1.  I didn't realize that the bird was INSIDE the window until J pointed that out.

It was a black capped chickadee and it was trying to figure out how to get out to those trees.  I did wonder how it was sitting on the glass like that.  But it wasn't.  We have shades that you can pull up from the bottom or down from the top.  If down from the top, there are cords which I can't even see in the photo.  It was holding on to that.  

It didn't panic when I went toward the window.  It just flew to a nearby lamp.  I closed the shades and we opened the sliding glass door to the deck and it found it's way out quickly.

2.  I had a chance last night to take a picture of the lot that used to house the old Northern Lights Inn. It's totally gone now.

The four or five story structure has stood there empty since 2002 according to this ADN story from last October. (It has pictures too)  It went down sometime last month.   It seems like the building has been empty for much longer than 15 years.  Builders complain about no available land in the Anchorage bowl.  But places like this remind us it's there.  But the owners aren't ready to do anything with it.

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  1. I won't quibble about when it became somehow officially 'empty'. That hotel was derelict since the 90s, as I and many folks in Anchorage saw it.

    In London, the new blight in our city suffering insufficient housing stock is the 'buy and hold' flats proliferating for international investments. Folks with too much money buy (and then don't let them out) for ready sale for indexed gains.

    This disrupts principles behind planned development, really. It's a bit like gold bullion in the form of bricks and steel, certainly happening as folks want and (need?) ways to invest lower-returns capital.

    It does go to show private wealth-generation is not in itself always beneficial for cities and other living things.


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