Saturday, March 25, 2017

Waiting For Spring

Someone pushed the pause button around the beginning of March here in Anchorage.  It should have slowly been getting warmer.  Some snowy days, but a progression toward warmer.

Since March 1 we've had blue skies, bright sun, and temperatures that ranged between a little under zero (F) and under 30˚ (F).  This is a time when it's finally ok for the days to start getting above freezing to help move the snow along.  But it hasn't happened.  But I don't remember so many days in a row with nothing but bright sun, certainly not in March.

Here's the ice crust on the snow in our front yard.  The sun melts it a bit in the day, then it freezes solid at night.

No, this dirty ice isn't in our front yard.  It's part of the berm on a much busier street.

Even the birds are getting impatient.

But the sun is much higher in the sky and we're getting nearly 6 more minutes of sunlight each day.  It will warm up!

1 comment:

  1. Seems like we are pretty much on schedule up here. Starting to see icicles. Hope Spring comes soon down your way!


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