Friday, March 10, 2017

Snow Plows Before And After

The doorbell rang and there was a loud knock about 7am this morning.  "Move your car from the street so we can plow" was the message.   The Municipality has plowed the streets, but has not taken the snow away, leaving berms bigger than I can remember.  

Here's what it looked like yesterday.  About five feet at the highest point and about 12 feet from street to sidewalk - yes, there is a sidewalk in front of our house and the neighbor's.

The plows went up and down the street showing snow to the side and to the middle.

Then another vehicle that churns up the snow and feeds it into dump trucks came by a number of times.  It didn't take much more than a couple of minutes, it seemed, to fill and dump truck, and then they had to wait for the next dump truck.

Then the dump trucks went off somewhere to dump their snow and come back.

Leaving the street with a berm down the middle and less snow on the sides.

When the berm was gone, it looked like this.

Compared to this before.

And let's look at the top picture again, compared to after.  BEFORE:


The cars, by the way, were not there when they were clearing the snow, so that's not why there is still so much.  Not sure why they didn't take it all.  Not enough trucks?  Not enough places to store it?  Or their goal was to make wide enough for two cars to pass and then go on to other neighborhoods.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve, Great photos.

    A cynical view is snow plow funding. More money needed to keep the streets clear~
    Maybe these are new plow crews?
    Enjoy your day.


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