Thursday, January 12, 2017

We Made It To Seattle

We made it by bus to the airport without it raining on us.

I want to say thanks to Theresa at Alaska Airlines for changing our ticket because she was sure we wouldn't make our connection in Seattle.  (We'd changed our flight that was supposed to stop in Portland to one stopping in Seattle because of the weather.  Alaska lets you change flights when there are big weather issues without having to pay the flight change or change in cost of the ticket.)  We learned another big advantage of being MVP on Alaska.  You get a leg up on the waiting list.  I have issues about this airline class system, but if it exists, I'm glad we were on the right side and I apologize to anyone who might have not gotten on because of us.

We got our ticket and you can see the view through the window above as we waited to take off.

The landscape around Portland was pretty white as we flew by Mt. Hood.

But as we got further north, things were looking better and we landed in the sun in Seattle.

Our gate has been changed from C11 to D1 and my wife is waiting for me to finish this so I will. Be back in Anchorage soon if all goes well.


  1. glad you got out of CA intact! my brother's in-laws are having to spend three nights near the San Francisco airport because their flight from the east coast was late, they missed their connection to Australia and can't get rebooked until Saturday. what a mess

  2. Thanks, kathy. Losing three days of a trip to Australia is awful. But SF is a good place to be stranded. But only if you don't have to stay at the airport to check every flight. The person next to me from Seattle to ANC had been scheduled to fly to ANC from Portland the day before - but they got a foot+ snow and the airport had shut down.
    But I think of the days when our choices were by land or by sea and such long distance travel took MUCH longer. Consider how Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson traveled to France or England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.


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