Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AIFF 2015: Documentaries In Competition - Intro

I think my original post was just too long for Feedburner to send out to blogrolls.  So I'm going to give you the list of films in competition here, and a link to more details about these films in the original post.

Docs in Competition Director Country Length
Children of the Arctic Nick Brandestini Switzerland 93 min
Lost & Found Nicolina Lanni, John Choi Canada 82 min
Love Between the Covers Laurie Kahn Australia, United States 83 min
Circus Without Borders Susan Gray, Linda Matchan United States 69 min
Madina’s Dream Andrew Berends United States 80 min
Bihttoš Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers Canada 14 min
Man in the Can Noessa Higa United States 38 min
Superjednostka Teresa Czepiec Poland 20 min
The House is Innocent Nicholas Coles United States 12 min

Again, you can find much more information about each film and when and where they are playing here.   Here are a few visual teasers:

Children of the Arctic Director Brandestini

Note:  This list is only the documentaries in competition.  There are a lot more, and this category has been strong at AIFF in the past.  Here's a post with a bit more on some docs not in competition.

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