Tuesday, August 04, 2015

How Can People Pay For A Digiplayer When This Show Is Free Out The Window?

Early morning water colors.

Just across the arm to the mudflats of Matsu.  A little after 6 am.

Knik Arm.  We took off about 6:05am, this was maybe ten minutes later.  The official sunrise in Anchorage for today was 5:40am, but with the mountains blocking the sun, it takes a little longer in the valleys.

It was a little misty over the mountains as we flew over.

And then there were clearer areas like over this glacier.

There was thick cloud cover over Prince William Sound.  It was so tight and so low, it almost looked like carpet.  I wondered whether there was any space between the cloud bottoms and the land.

And there were similar conditions in Washington state (this was approximately where the Olympic National Park might be) as we headed for the Portland airport.


  1. Spectacular! You are really giving us the near-top view of the world now.
    Love 1 & 4 the best. 4 very zen.

    As for your headline, I asked a 22-year-old what transported her and she said, "Not reality." Yikes. Also saw a print ad for some kindle-type book downloader. Young woman was reading it, smiling sexily, her back to the Taj Mahal.

  2. Thanks Barbara, I liked those two pics too.

    Perhaps your 22 year old friend was thinking about her student loans, the violence everywhere, and global warming. And I have to admit to being more excited by the hoopoes I spotted in the grass than the guide's talk about the Taj, but the Taj itself was amazing despite my assumption that it would be hard to live up to all the superlatives and all the pictures I'd seen.

  3. Agree that the Taj itself has been "done to death" (and these places usually a disappointment in reality) and as a photographer myself I usually go for the backyard, behind the screen shots, too.Those hoopoes are so exotic.
    Have you been everywhere??

    BTW, have yo seen the Karl Pilkington series, An Idiot Abroad? Ricky Gervais sent Karl (a real one-of-a-kind) around the world, twice and got his reactions, to see how he would react when out of his comfort zone...


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