Sunday, August 02, 2015

Barbara Brown Starts New Anchorage Based Blog - About the Third Third

I got an email the other day.  Could I help with some questions about a new blog she was starting.  It was a Tumblr blog and I said I really didn't know that much about Tumblr and I'd seen people posting pictures there more than text.  For example.

Today's email said she'd switched to Blogger, which I do know about.  I went over to answer a few questions about getting rid of extraneous, font changing html code and choosing gadgets.  I also pointed out the website I use to create quick html tables.

Barbara's a smart lady.  She's done a lot of things including starting  [directing, it was already started before she got involved] Leadership Anchorage, she's had a radio show, and now she's thinking about the last third of her life and how to make it exciting and meaningful.

She's got great graphics too.  (That was one of the questions which got resolved by switching to blogger - how to size and place them the way she wanted.)  The ones in her first post she painted, then scanned.

So, be among the first in the world to check out her blog whose first post is today:  Our Third Thirds.  It begins:

Identity Crisis #314    [She's got a much more out-there font for her titles and I can't replicate it here and she's got those cool graphics too.] 
So what's the Third Third anyway? My mother is 90. So at 62, I'm looking at things in thirds. First 30 years, second 30, and now: the Third Third. Looking at my life, I see a timeline of decisions debated and decisions made. They're like the points in my life where a life can branch off and generate a whole new parallel universe. The kind where I married that other person or took that other job or moved to that other country. I have crowded the world with parallel universes, but I like where I am so even the bumps got me here.  .  .
  PS - give her some time to figure this out and I suspect this is going to be a very powerful blog.  The first post is pretty thought provoking and visually cool already. 

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