Friday, February 28, 2014

We Arrive Home To 44˚F [UPDATE - Yosemite]

Wednesday I biked to the beach before the darkening clouds let loose.  But instead of rain, I got sun again.  But the rain did come during the night.  With sun again in the morning along a last beach ride before we took off for the airport.  Here are some photos from the flight.

This is a group of waves coming into a beach in the Malibu area.

[UPDATE: I checked and this is Malibu Lagoon State Beach.   It's the pier that nails it.]

I was struck by this massive wall of rock guarding this canyon in what I assume are the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

UPDATE Feb. 28:  I was hoping we'd fly over Yosemite, but didn't see Half-Dome which usually gives it away.  But as I looked at this picture again, there appears to be a waterfall in the upper right hand corner.  So I went back to the original which I had cropped to highlight the rocks in the lower left.  When I looked at the original, I saw I'd cropped out Half-Dome in the upper right.  So, here is the picture recropped (there's a lot in the lower left that wasn't necessary.)

So that means, yesterday, Alaska Airlines gave me a tour from Malibu, past Yosemite National Park, Mt. Hood National Forest, to Mr. Rainier National Park.  I probably saw Sequoia National Park too, but that's something you need to be on the ground to appreciate.  It's why I like the window seat.]

I assumed this was a cloud shrouded Mt. Hood and then the pilot said we'd just past Portland.

A little further north, with the peak poking through the clouds.  You can see the camera was having trouble figuring out what to focus on, but I like the abstract look of it.

And Mt. Ranier, just after sunset. 

The next flight, to Anchorage, was dark.  But our new plane had electrical outlets at each seat.  And when the pilot said it was 44˚F (7˚C), I didn't even look for my jacket when we went out to find our ride home. I've been inviting our Chicago friends to come visit and warm up all winter.  I just checked - it's 30˚ colder there now. 

LA was expecting a big storm Friday.  Wednesday night's rain was the first since the summer. 

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