Friday, February 18, 2011

Meanwhile - The experience of you watching your memories becomes a memory itself.

I was introduced to an amazing book titled Meanwhile by Jayson Shiga.

 Quotes are from ComicBookResources.

"Meanwhile" begins with our young hero Jimmy choosing whether to buy a chocolate or vanilla ice cream cone; choosing vanilla sends Jimmy home after an enjoyable but uneventful afternoon, while picking chocolate sends him on myriad science-fiction adventures.

   The lines lead you to other parts of the book - like a very elaborate Choose Your Own Adventures book.  But it's complicated enough to require this instruction page that warns you:

Most [adventures] will end in doom and disaster.  Only one path will lead you to happiness and success

"I wanted to start the book off with the type of choice that we make every day," Shiga told CBR. "Once the reader is familiar with how choices in the book are made, I try and graduate to weirder choices like whether to kill every human on the planet or to travel back in time and punch yourself in the face."

Definitely worth checking out at the library or book store.  Meanwhile, here's a link to  Shigabooks


  1. I like this book. I also found an easter egg. It is a picture of Jimmy on a squid.


  2. Tyco, Thanks for leaving the comment about the book. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. It is a fun book.


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