Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pier Review

I've been going by Venice Pier at the end of Washington Blvd. on the bike while I've been here and today I decided to get off the bike and walk to the end of the pier.

Beachcalifornia.com has a brief description of the pier and some pictures.  Here's the beginning:

"Venice Pier, the 1310 foot wonder thatt's [sic] survived storms, weathering and a few earthquakes during its current lifespan (built in 1997), was reopened in 2006 after yet another devastating blow had closed it due to structural concerns."

Watching a wave break to the north of the pier.

Two officials walking on the pier. 

Although it was cloudy, it was very clear below the clouds.  Here's Catalina from the pier.

Looking south toward Marina del Rey. 

Out to the end of the pier.

Ocean foam from the pier.

Looking back at Venice Beach from the pier.

Here's from 360Cities  (which gives an embed code and permission for non-commercial sites to use it)

Venice Beach Pier in Los Angeles [UPDATE: Pier Review 2, about a year later, has some amazing big surf from above shots.]

UPDATE:  Here's Pier Review 2 with some big waves.   And more waves from Venice Pier with my better camera.  And finally Rafael catching a great white shark from the end of Venice Pier.

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