Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kabala Shish Kebab - Anchorage Folk Festival Surprises

 This is one of those events that prove what many people believe isn't true.  People can work for love and altruism.  They can put on a big two weekend long festival without charging admission. People will voluntarily make enough donations to make sure that those things they do have to pay for - airfare for the special guest performers, etc.   And the music is great. 

We didn't get there until about 9 pm on Saturday as Galpals was playing. 

Then Delaney Scott sang - powerfully - with her father as backup. 

This group was introduced as 'kids' from high school who had grown up with the festival.  When they sang they didn't sound like kids. 

Eric Rodgers was one of my favorites.  He started with a mandolin and then switched to the fiddle.  One of the fiddle songs (it's on the video) reminded me of some of the neat Burmese singing we heard.  (The Burmese (Karen) singing is the second song on the video here.)  By the way, there is only one Eric, I just played a bit with my photos. 

Wendy Withrow played with Ray Booker.

So what about Kabala Shish Kebob you're asking?  Or did you forget about that already?

This is Reverend Poor Child from Homer.  He's got a low voice and some very unique lyrics.  The song on the video began with shish kebob and then went on to mention problems with a bunch of different religions.  He gets to Kabala Shish Kebob at the end of the song - where his clip starts on the video below. 

The video gives a sense of the evening - but just a sense.  You need to be there.  I'll try to redo the opening picture of the video. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm putting it up for now and will fix it when I can. Sorry. But it doesn't spoil the music, just makes the opening a bit off. All the above groups except Galpals are on the video.

There's more music tonight (Sunday) and all week and next weekend. Check out the Anchorage Folk Festival website. The main events are in the Wendy Williamson auditorium at UAA. Free parking.

This is 2011, but they have some old posters up too.

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