Sunday, January 16, 2011

Harold and Maude - The First Time Is Still Memorable - UPDATED

NOTE:  I've updated this post and wouldn't normally leave this one up, but since there are several comments already, I'll leave it.  There's a lot more information about the history of the film in the update.

Sometime in 1972* we went to the movies. I don't remember what we went to see, but we were unsatisfied when it was over. Back then they still had double features. So we stayed for the second feature, which we knew absolutely nothing about.

At the end we looked at each other and I think I asked, "Are we sick? Why were we laughing so hard?"  And other people in the theater, which wasn't very crowded, weren't responding as we were.  So we invited a friend and went back the next night with him to see if he was as 'sick' as we were in thinking this was so hysterically funny. 

Seeing a great movie without knowing anything about it before you go is one of the great joys of watching movies. The same thing happened when I saw The Graduate. I was in Bangkok and just wanted to get out of the heat and went to see this movie I'd never heard of. A common feature between the two is the great music.

Anyway, the Bear Tooth is showing Harold and Maude Monday at 5:30 and 7:45. It's a great chance to see it on a big screen with other people. I don't know how it will hold up over all these years, but if you haven't seen it and you like surprises, irreverence, love, and Cat Stevens, you should go.

And if you know nothing about this movie - DON'T READ ANYTHING BEFORE YOU GO. JUST GO. If someone tries to tell you about it, close your ears and leave.

Meanwhile Cyrano's is doing a stage version. [There's a spoiler in their announcement so don't read it if you haven't seen it.] Not sure how this would translate. Harold and Maude as a movie was perfect. Not sure anyone could improve on it.


  1. It was my favorite movie when I was a teen. I'd like to see it again. Great music, great story.

  2. I loved Ruth Gordon. She is perfect in this.

  3. I was in college when this was released. I saw it with friends and the co-feature was the classic Woody Allen film, Play it Again Sam. I think over that year I must have seen both at least 30 times if not more. Truly one of the all time great cult classics.


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