Friday, January 28, 2011

Flooding in Jeddah

While we've been hearing about floods in Australia and snow in the US East, the only place I heard about the floods in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was in a skype conversation with a friend there. He said could talk to me in Alaska via Skype, but not people in across the street, because the flood had cut off a lot of electricity - not his - and phone lines.  So I looked to see what else there was on the flooding.  Not much.  I guess all eyes are on Cairo now. This video let's you see the deep sandy water flowing through town. [The original Youtube video I included is now listed as NOT AVAILABLE. Not sure why. I did include people struggling to get across the water. Here's another video from Mr. Sirunit at YouTube.]

Alriyadh is an Arabic language site with lots more pictures and videos.

And from the Emirates Meteorology Portal:

Heavy rainfall with thunderstorms inundated Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, with an incredible rainfall of 111mm [4.37 inches]. This compares nicely with an annual average of around 50mm. Tons of traffic problems with trapped cars and people.  The city’s infrastructure and geography might be blamed, but 111mm of rain is quite high.

4 people have been confirmed dead.

Click here for a video of the rain in Jeddah on Jan 26, 2011.
And I suspect most of us really don't have a good sense of where Jeddah is in Saudi Arabia, or even where Saudi Arabia is in relation to other Middle East nations, so here's a map.  Jeddah is to the right of the words RED SEA.

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