Thursday, January 20, 2011

Democracy - Montana Senate Head of DUI Rules, Stopped for ... Guess!

Not a DUI, but close.

From the Missoulian today:
State Sen. Jim Shockley of Victor, who heads the panel hearing bills to crack down on drunken driving, was cited Friday for an open container after an off-duty sheriff's deputy saw him drinking a beer on Interstate 90, Missoula police said.
"He pulled off on the Orange Street exit and city officers were able to locate the vehicle and pulled him over," Missoula Police Detective Sgt. Bob Bouchee said Wednesday.
Shockley - a 2012 Republican candidate for attorney general, the state's chief law enforcement and legal officer - said he was drinking a beer and tomato juice*  concoction when he was stopped.

So, do we celebrate that the person heading this committee to crack down on drunk driving has a personal understanding of the issue?  Or do we cry?  At least the Missoulian did its homework a bit and gave this background:

Montana outlawed open containers in vehicles in 2005 in legislation sponsored by Sen. Gary Perry, R-Belgrade. The Senate approved the bill on second reading on Jan. 29, 2005, by a 46-4 vote, and on third reading two days later on a 45-5 vote. In both instances, Shockley voted "no."
I guess he's still voting 'no.'
"It's just another reason for police to pull you over and check for something illegal in your car," Shockley told the Associated Press at the time. "This is what we consider our freedom and this is our right: If you're not drunk, you shouldn't be pulled over."

What if you are working on getting drunk?

I'm constantly amazed at how important alcohol is to so many people.  I wonder how many people reading this have a drink in their hand or just had one.  I'm not judging, just observing. 

*That's the spirit  says this is real drink:
Beer Bloody Mary:
Mix beer and tomato juice, half and half. Add a dash of Tabasco and a dash of Worcestershire.


  1. Who knew?

    Lawmakers drinking (road drinking),and driving?

    Hard to imagine a Republican scofflaw running for attorney general.

    Another who knew?

    Steampunk is in Alaska.

    And look at this-(put your drink DOWN before viewing link)

    The review at the link is funny too.

    labels: pinups,wtf,dressup for grown ups, where to buy?, put that drink down first, hot guvs

  2. There are ways to get around some of the rules. It looks like Seoul -the number one teacher destination- has gotten stricter, so if you have a DUI and are really set on coming to Korea, then you've gotta be open to some areas other than Seoul.

  3. OK, readers, what do you think about Peter's comment? Should I leave it or delete it. It appears to be relevant to the post - but there's no link to explain what exactly he's talking about. And the Peter link goes to a website selling guides to beating a DUI.

    This is an ad disguised as a comment, which I've listed as deletable.

    BTW, I checked the reference and it's about foreign teachers wanting to teach English in Korea.


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