Sunday, January 06, 2019

AOC Bringing Young Blood And Brains To Congress - Best Publicity Congress Has Had In Years And A Look At Other Politicians Dancing

Ed Rollins called her "the little girl' the other day.  I  guess that might go over well in white male bastions of power, but to everyone else it reflects how out-of-touch those Republican men are.

Another tried to smear here with video from her college days dancing on a Boston College roof with other students.  Again, totally out of touch as the video went viral - and how could anyone think the video would put Alexandra Ocasio Cortez in a bad light? (Here's a post on the original video and the many duplicates overlaying other music.)

Her response was a tweet with more dancing.  Infectious, joyful, skillful dancing.

Such a delightful change from all the dour, serious images we usually get of our Congress members.

And you know?  Hispanic women under 30 don't make it into Congress unless they are five times more competent than all the men around.  As long as they keep thinking of her as a 'little girl' she's going to continue to surprise them.

She's already proposed a tax change that has won the approval of Economics Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman has said would work.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't the only member of congress to be caught dancing on video.

How about Republican Rep. Sean Duffy from Wisconsin?

Yes, as best as I can tell, this is real, from when he was on a reality tv show.  I have no problem with the morality of it, but if some Republicans wanted to embarrass AOC with her old video, well, then this one shows it's her, not the dancing they're attacking.

Rep Joyce Beatty (D) of Ohio:

Group of Congress members singing and dancing with Wynona Ryder (if it doesn't embed, here's the RollCall page it's on.)

Here's Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen (D) dancing

Rep. Niki Tsongas  (D) (Sen. Paul Tsongas' widow) dancing to Cambodian music.

Getting out of the US House, here's Erik Brakey is a Republican state senator in Maine.

Here's a Democratic Texas Senator Carlos Uresti dancing at his wedding.

Since then, from the Texas Tribune:
"The San Antonio Democrat was convicted Feb. 22 of 11 felonies, including money laundering and fraud, tied to his work with FourWinds Logistics, a now-defunct oilfield services company where Uresti worked as general counsel, owned a 1 percent stake and earned a commission for recruiting investors, according to court documents."

Going international, here's Theresa May dancing to ABBA

And here's a Nigerian Senator Ademola Adeleke  dancing while celebrating his electoral victory.He is also the uncle of Nigerian afrobeats star Davido.

And briefly looking at other musical talents, Rep. Joe Crowley is particularly relevant because the long time Democratic Congress Member who was defeated in the primary by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke singing with Willie Nelson

Senators Lamar Alexander and Orin Hatch at the piano in a PR piece for legislation protecting songwriters' royalties. (I can't get the video to embed so you'll just have to go to the link if you want to see it.)

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