Saturday, March 11, 2017

If We Must Have Daylight Savings, We Should Spring Forward Friday, 4pm

It seems a good time to reiterate my proposal for Daylight Savings time.  Let's move the clocks forward at 4pm on Friday afternoon.  People who for til 5pm don't get all that much done the last hour on Fridays.  Those who must have their employees there that hour, can pay them overtime for the last hour.

Here are two old posts on this topic.  This first one is from the 2010 legislative session:  HB 19:   To End Daylight Savings Time

The second one was seven months later, Daylight Savings Time:  Alaska's Failed Legislation to End it.

But with Anchorage gaining almost 6 minutes of sun a day now, and over a week of bright sun and blue skies, no one here is complaining about the daylight.

As long as I'm on this topic, I'd note my peeve with people who report the weather saying things like, "We'll gain 5 minutes and 44 seconds of daylight today"  when in fact the twilights, particularly on clear days, last well beyond sunrise and sunset.  Unlike, say, Hawaii where it gets dark pretty fast after sunset.  But the link from Time and Date above, shows a lot more ways than just sunrise and sunset to calculate daylight.

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  1. You're assuming a work schedule that fewer and fewer US residents have. Imagine the people getting off a shift at 4:30 and rushing to their second job, which starts at 5, or needing to pick their kids up from daycare by 5:15 to avoid a penalty, and it gets more complicated...


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