Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alaska Rep. Sharon Cissna Finally Arrives in Juneau via Ferry

I went out to the Alaska State Ferry terminal about 14 miles north of downtown to be there when Rep. Sharon Cissna disembarked after her long journey following her refusal to be patted down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) security.  (For those unfamiliar with the situation, she had a mastectomy and did not want TSA people putting their hands on her chest as they did on her last trip.)

My Juneau host was headed to a meeting at the university anyway, and she graciously offered me the car for the rest of the way.  The M/V Matanuska was already in dock, but people hadn't disembarked.

I probably should note that I've known Rep. Cissna for a while.  Although, she had a masters degree already, when she was elected to the State House, she decided to take graduate classes in public administration.  That was when I got to know her quite well.

As a member of the minority, Rep. Cissna knew she had limited power, but she decided to become an expert on health care and education (the U-Med - University-Medical - district is in her house district) and she has traveled the state and researached to be, I'm quite sure, the most knowledgable legislator on these issues.  She even canoed (or rafted?) down the Yukon River with her husband to visit remote villages and talk to folks on their own turf.  Plus she is the warmest and most caring person you could want to meet.

Although the video ends abruptly, that was the end of things. This video captures about 98% of what Rep. Cissna did and said as she came off the ferry.


  1. Fantastic video and a super fantastic woman.

    Thank you again, Ms. Cissna.

  2. Hey Steve, what's with the centered type? Makes everything vastly more difficult to read. Thanks for getting it off the main blog posts, but here it still is in the comments. Yuk. Your good work deserves better display.

  3. Thanks all. Kathy, it's left justified on my Mac in both Safari and Firefox. Are you on the evil Internet Explorer? :) I'm not asking you to switch, but if you get near an Apple Store, just go in and play around for an hour or two.


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