Sunday, January 02, 2011

White Suit, Clouds, More Gehry at Venice Beach, Myrna Loy, Mark Twain, Fallen Tree

The Southern California Chamber of Commerce must have a deal with the Weather Service. For the Rose Bowl parade and game, the nationwide audience saw blue sky and sunshine. But the next day it was gray and threatening rain. So I biked before it rained.

This was the coolest dressed man I've seen here, so I asked if I could take a picture. I had to take it quick because the green walk sign had just come on. 

This section of Venice Beach is 'under construction.'  I couldn't find anything explaining what was being constructed, but it's fenced off in orange fencing and these seven life guard stations are sitting together.  

But while I was looking for info on the beach construction I found out that this house I shot was designed by Frank Gehry - the same architect who designed the Disney Concert Hall I posted yesterday.  There are more pictures at the link and information about the house - it was built in 1986.

This house was a few houses south of the Gehry house.

The bike trail gets funny south of Washington.  The other day I had to go out to the street because the trail along the beach ended before I got to the breakwater at the Marina.  But there's a bike rental place at the beach and Washington and he told me to take Washington to Mildred where the bike trail picked up.  I did that and got into the middle of the marina and then turned back to return home. 

Back on Washington I passed Yo San University.

Then by my alma mater Venice High school, where they have a newly made statue of Myrna Loy.  As it says in the plaque, the original statue was unveiled in 1922.  It doesn't mention the gossip when I went to school here - that Myrna was expelled for posing nude for the statue.  Here's more information on the statue and on Myrna Loy.

Then copying the route I used to walk home, I passed my junior high school, Mark Twain, now a "middle school."  This was my homeroom.

And further down I found that a tree had toppled over at my old elementary school - Walgrove Avenue. 

The real rain didn't begin until after I got home about an hour later.  

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