Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cashing In On The New Cannabis Industry

I noticed this ad in the Anchorage Daily News today.

From their website: 
Welcome to the Alaska Cannabis Institute and the exciting CannaBiz industry. The opportunity to enter an industry on the ground floor comes around very rarely in most peoples lives.  Many say it is no longer a question of whether cannabis will be legalized in the US, rather a question of when and how it will be legalized. Alaska will vote on August 19, 2014 to allow adults, 21 and older, to own, smoke and buy cannabis while also allowing individuals to grow up to six plants. If passed, Alaska will become the third state to legalize retail marijuana. The Alaska Cannabis Institute is excited to lead the way by providing two-day seminars to educate people about CannaBiz. Day 1 will cover the legalization of marijuana, marijuana tax policy, and the juxtaposition between Alaska and Federal marijuana law and policies. Day 1 also features a comprehensive lecture on setting-up and running a CannaBiz while maintaining compliance. Topics to be covered include: CannaBiz planning, CannaBiz accounting, CannaBiz banking, CannaBiz site location, and more.
Day 2 will present a comprehensive overview on marijuana horticulture and growing. It is so important for anybody getting involved with the cannabis industry to have a broad understanding of how to grow marijuana. The Alaska Cannabis Institute provides: step-by-step instructions on setting up an indoor grow for year-round production, garden calendars and checklists, soil and containers, lights, lamps, and electricity, air, water, and nutrients. Day 2 also examines equipment, seeds, vegetative growth, flowering, harvesting and more.

Medical Marijuana Business Daily has a list of training organizations nationwide and state by state.  Although Alaska is listed, there's nothing listed.  There's no mention of the Alaska Cannabis Institute. 

The Alaska Cannabis Insitute FAQ's under "Where is the ACI headquartered?" tells us it's
"headquartered out of Tacoma, WA. Our parent company is a licensed Limited Liability Company called Pacific Sun West, LLC. Upon sign up, charges on your credit card will be shown as Pacific Sun West. There is a reason for this, which is one of the tips we will discuss in the seminar. Confirm our LLC license status here"
The link doesn't take us to Pacific Sun West, LLC.  It goes to a State of Washington website that lists a company called PENNY HARRISON AND COMPANY.  A link to a Secretary of State page gets us a little more information including a list of officers.
Vice President   HARRISON, MAX P,   EVERETT, WA
President, Chairman   HARRISON, PENNY L,   EVERETT, WA
An Alaska Dispatch story on Alaska entrepreneurs in getting ready for the initiative to pass, mentions the seminars and quotes someone called Cory Wray.  Looking for Cory Wray is  difficult because there appear to be a number of folks with that name, including a race car driver, and someone who has an online jewelery shop out of Topeka, Kansas/Choctaw, Oklahoma that has a long complaint about it on Ripoff Report.  The Topeka Better Business Bureau has 35 complaints on them.  I don't think this is the same Cory Wray. 

There's a Cory Wray website that offers a few marijuana posters and two hemp products.  The contact information says:

Tacoma Parkland seattle renton kent pullma Spokane fircrest university place
I'm guessing this is probably the one.

Another FAQ from the Alaska Cannabis Institute:

Alaska laws have not been passed yet, how can you speak on those issues?

Although Alaska policy has not been set, we do know what the Federal policy is. Understanding the Federal policy on MJ; Federal tax policy and 280e; banking regulations and how to troubleshoot them - provides extreme value. We also know Alaska plans to model states like Colorado and Washington when it comes to writing their policy. So, some things we expect AK lawmakers to enact are: setting the minimum age at 21-years-old, tracking from seed-to-sale, and licensing. We will be lecturing on these concepts and more. Also, medical MJ is already legal in Alaska, so we will also cover topics related to the current laws.

The price of the two day seminar is $420.  420 is a code for marijuana.  If the code were 320, would the seminar be $100 less?

I checked one of the programs listed on the Medical Marijuana Business Daily site and I found the Washington Marijuana School  where you can take a two day course for only $300.   But you have to get to Seattle.

Or you can buy a set of videos for $150.

Business Insider has an article called  "Weed Startups in Washington Face Huge Challenges."   I suspect anyone interested should assume that like in the Alaska gold rush, lots of folks participated, but very few made money.  A higher percentage of those selling to the miners probably made money.  And people like this school will probably make more money teaching classes than the participants will make selling marijuana.

[Note to regular readers:  This was supposed to be a quickie post based on the classified ad. I have other posts lined up, but I didn't want to spend the time I thought I needed to do them.  But I could have done one of them given the time this ended up taking.  I think blogging may be a disease.]


  1. "I think blogging may be a disease"

    You've addressed this issue previously, at least once, Steve:

    Regarding people cashing in on the emerging paradigm of an open cannabis economy:

    We can look back to the beginning of Roosevelt's administrations, and how charlatans and genuine entrepreneurs sought to garner money from people hoping to capitalize on the newly emerging industry of legal alcohol products for enlightenment. Same old story - buyer beware!

    That being said, in a Forestville, CA restaurant, back on December 22nd, I overheard this:

    Grower #1: "Man, I used to get $2,500 a pound for my stuff. With this legalization BS, we're gonna see less than $1,000 before you know it."

    Grower #2: "Well, you can always go back to growing tomatoes."

  2. Thank you for bringing the incorrect link on our FAQ's page to our attention. It has since been fixed.

    The correct Pacific Sun West, LLC that is presenting this seminar is listed under UBI #: 603354320 Click Here to go to WA DOL

    You can also speak with us directly at 907-331-0506 or 800-658-3211. We would be happy to answer any questions regarding the seminar.

    Thank you.

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