Monday, January 07, 2019

Rain, Sun, Rain, Food

Saturday threatened rain.  There were drops on the ground when I finally got round to my bike ride, but I figured I could turn back if it rained harder.  But it didn't.  Just clouds.  Some spots the pavement was wet, other spots not.  But the traffic jam along the beach bike trails was greatly reduced.  (They are bike trails.  It has pictures and the word bike stenciled on the pavement.  But scooters and joggers and strolling tourists can make it something of an obstacle course during the holidays and weekends)

It felt so good to just ride without worrying about hitting people or being hit, that I just kept going the seven miles to where the bike trail ends and then turned back.

This is looking south on the return trip from Will Rogers State Beach.  The buildings on the left are around downtown Santa Monica.

It rained seriously during the night, but by morning the sun was out again and we met (J walked and I biked) at the Mar Vista Sunday market.

The quiche was at Sandra's Soups and Sweets and I agreed to let people know.  Open food like this is required to be kept behind screens.  There are zippered openings for purchases.

I pointed out to one of the servers at Vegan Bite Bowls, that the name Buddha Sauce seemed a bit disrespectful to me.  He listened as I went on about cultural appropriation, and how I suspect that they didn't ask permission of any Buddhist temples or associations to use the name to make a profit.  Or that I suspected they didn't contribute any of their profit to any Buddhist organizations.  He listened and said he'd think about it and that no one had ever made that kind of comment before.

We woke up to rain this morning.  The sky seems clear again now, but everything is nicely watered .

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