Thursday, December 06, 2018

AIFF2018: Saw Lots Of Good Shorts, Including Animation, Like Aaron Dunbar's The Train AND Tomorrow's Schedule

The film festival goes on full steam ahead.  Bear Tooth is open - don't have to bring snacks or starve anymore.  You can find Friday's schedule here.  That link will get you to all the days actually.  You can see different versions of the schedule - the expanded gives you all the info you could want - by putting your cursor over the word schedule.  The the options drop down.

Here's their simple schedule for Friday.  You can link from each of the colored bars to get more info about the event.  Colors relate to the category or kind of activity.

I'd note the first one is a workshop by Ida Description: Ida Theresa Myklebost and John Gamache. They'll talk about what they've learned from the last 40 festivals they've been to - including her short film last year about refugees in a Greek refugee camp.  It should be interesting to film makers, but also as a way for us locals to think about how our festival compares to others.

I'd note - there was one cancelled program tonight - the shorts scheduled at the Inlet Towers.  I was planning to go, but someone mentioned it was cancelled.  So keep checking the schedule page - that seems to be the most reliable guide.  I'm not sure when the Inlet Towers show disappeared from there.  It was up when I left for the Bear Tooth.








You'll have to check which of these you want to go to yourself.  I still haven't done my homework. 

Aaron Dubar, The Train
But I want to briefly comment on today.  We saw lots and lots of good shorts and all the animated films were winners.  So many different styles.  But they all had good content and artistic qualities.  I'll just mention one - The Train, because the film maker, Aaron Dunbar, was sitting next to me.  He's from Ohio and a bit shy, he says, but that's not what we saw tonight when he answered questions.  

It's always tricky - what if I don't like his film?  But in this case I really liked it.  It was about an artist drawing in his notebook, and the scenes he drew would show up out the window.  Then a young woman comes into his compartment, dragging a big suitcase.  He just sits there drawing.  She looks at what he's drawing.  It had its own unique look and muted colors.  

He told me I could find it on line, so you can all see it and judge for yourself.  

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