Thursday, July 12, 2018

More Bike Lessons

The five year old and I were in another parking lot so she could practice riding her bike.  There was less space (but still lots of room), but she was having problems.  She had the pedals so that she was braking when she wanted to start.  I picked up the rear tire so she could adjust the pedals.  She wanted to know why the front pedal didn't move when you turned the pedals.

Ah.  So we turned the bike over and saw how the chain and the teeth mesh at the pedals.

And then how the chain moved to turn the wheel.

We watched how far the nozzle of the tire went around each time the pedal went around (twice.)

So, how does the front wheel turn?  She pushed a wheel barrow Tuesday at the Learning Farm.  I asked her how that one turned.  I pushed it.  So that's how the front wheel turns on the bike - the back wheel pushes it when you turn the pedals.  And that's why I only have to pick up the back wheel to move the pedals.

With the bike upside down, she did a lot of hand pedaling and braking.


  1. Good.

    You are having a much better day than we folk in Britain taking in a three day twitter-reign of America's tyrant-in-waiting.

    Really, how do you put up with him? He's deplorable in so many, offensive ways. After one day, he's worn out his (entirely feeble) welcome.

    As one protestor said of him, 'He's a wrecking ball, building nothing.' A bit like welcoming someone to tea and having him smash the pot.

    1. When the university and the community college were forced to merge. I realized it was much like a river at flood stage - jumping in was not a good idea. Instead I should wait on shore doing what I could and wait for the roiling waters to subside. I generally focused on my students and research. I did get involved in one appointment. (Three organizations were being merged, so the administrators were of each unit were being pared down from three to one. I had one of the purchasing administrator's as a student and she was tremendous, so I lobbied on her behalf.)
      Right now there is much beyond our control, but we should all be attempting a few small acts of resistance a day - writing legislators, demonstrating, registering voters, helping immigrants, etc. In the US, both party legislators need to know we're angry and demand change. But we need to get breaks, like spending time on something that gives us solace and a respite from the craziness. Like looking at the chain of a bicycle with a five-year old.


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