Wednesday, March 21, 2018

One Reason Some Alaska Airlines Flights Are Priced Well Is Jet Blue - Whose Flight Attendants Began Voting On a Union This Week

Alaskans have benefited from Jet Blue flights to Anchorage, because Alaska Airlines responds with lower (than their normal) fares.  One reason, people say, Jet Blue can fly for less is that their employees don't get paid as much because they aren't unionized.

But the flight attendants vote to unionize began Monday this week and goes through April 17.

Forbes seems to have the most coverage.  Here's their latest.

And the pilots unionized four years ago.  And Alaska seems to be able to match Jet Blue fares when they have to.  So maybe unions aren't the problem.

 My personal experience is that some union officials can be as stubborn and power hungry as some management officials.  But just as there are decent managers, there are plenty of decent union folks and their job is to work for the workers.  It's not just about wages, it's also about benefits, and having people on your side when management treats you badly.

But it doesn't always work - Jeff Graham's union didn't help him.

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