Friday, March 02, 2018

Dear Sir, Couldn't You Have Held Off The Rain Another Couple of Hours?

The last few days have been mildly frantic - I try to remember to breathe slowly, remind myself that none of this is very important, get in a bike ride, etc. - as we tried to get the house ready for rental.  A company called TurnKey is handling it and so far their reps have been terrific.  It's sort of a cross between AirBnB and a Vacation Rental company.  But they're good for folks like us who live far away from the property.

I only wish my mom could see what her house looks like now.  The stuff inside, couldn't have been done while she was still living here.  The commotion would have just been too much.  But the deck outside would have been great.  But she wanted bricks - "Mom, how are you going to go down the stairs and then negotiate bricks in your wheel chair?" - and I countered with a wood deck at the same level of the living room - "No, the opossums and raccoons will get underneath".  It was a stand off.
But she would say regularly, "When I'm dead, you can do what you want."  So now there's a beautiful wooden deck that I know she would have loved.

Anyway, here's some light relief from a book I found in the house, published in 1942, called Dear Sir.  These are supposed to be letters that government agencies received from citizens.  I picked a few quickly.  Trying to get short ones, so you get an idea.

"Navy Relif Fund
Los Angeles
Enclosed find my check for $2.00.  You'll pardon me for not signing it, but I want to remain anonymous.

Col. Arther Mc.Dermott;
Selective Service
535 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York
After four months of Army life and much sober reflection I have decided that I cannot support my wife the manner to which she has become accustomed on my army pay of $50 amonth.  Please consider this my resignation from the armed services.
Private Leonard K----------
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Please tell me if I must give my right aeon my application for a food ration book.  I am really 43, but my husband things I'm 36.If I tell him the truth he will probably divorce me.  Please answer my question by writing me by writing to the newspaper in the personal column addressed to "Belle of the South", and please say it is ok to falsify your age.Thank you very much.  I hope you will be able to keep me from getting a divorce and still keep me eating.
Worriedly yours,
Mrs. ....
You get the idea.

They predicted heavy rains to start last night - periods with .5 inches per hour.  The ground was wet when we woke up this morning, but the rain was barely a mist.  I was able to keep cleaning up, throwing out trash, etc.

But it just started raining heavily.  Time to abandon our usual bus ride to the airport in favor of calling a Lyft.  You can't really see the rain coming down, but we'd be pretty wet before we got to the bus stop, let alone waited for the bus.  It had snowed and the temps were in the 30s when we left Seattle last week, so I left my raincoat for my warmer coat.  San Francisco is supposed to be rainy too, but there are two grandkids there to warm us up.

*OPA was the Office of Price Administration

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