Thursday, November 23, 2017

Popcorn at the First Thanksgiving?

From Popcorn! illustrated by Brian Lies

Popcorn! by Elaine Landau and illustrated by Brien Lies, has a section called "Popcorn at the First Thanksgiving?"

"Some people think that popcorn was served at the first Thanksgiving.  One story says that the Native Americans brought a deerskin bag of popcorn to the feast as a gift for the colonists, who had never tasted this food.  But people who study this stuff say it never happened.  They claim that corn wasn't grown in the area until much later."

But you can have popcorn for Thanksgiving.  If you do or not, I hope it's a happy gathering of people you love and you treat each other with compassion and respect.

The book was from the children's section of the library and has too many words on the page to keep my grand daughter's interest. no problem.  I'm thankful to have grandchildren, to know them, and to be together with my them and their parents this week.

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