Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For $15 You Can Watch The World Chess Championship Game 9 Live Now

"The World Chess Championship Match 2016, held from 11 to 30 November, will be contested by 25 year old reigning champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and his challenger, 26 year old Sergey Karjakin of Russia — and this is the first time that two players who have come of age in the computer era are fighting for the title and represent a generational shift in chess."
Here's a screenshot from my son's computer a few minutes ago.  Karjakin is white, Carlsen is black.

You can purchase a front row seat here.

Carlsen left, Karjakin right image from world

For a lot more context on today's game, this year's championships, and the players, check this Guardian article, the source of the following snippet:

"Any expectations of the political intrigue and paranoia associated with the sport’s golden age were not disappointed. Israel Gelfer, the vice president of the world chess federation, spoke on behalf of the governing body only because Fide president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was barred from entering the country due to his ties to the Syrian government and the Central Bank of Syria. At one point Carlsen fielded a question over the rumors that he’d enlisted Microsoft for cybersecurity consultation over concerns Karjakin’s team were trying to hack his preparations. No fewer than two questions were posed about Fischer-Spassky, never mind that Carlsen and Karjakin were years away from being born when the Match of the Century took place."

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