Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Demboski, Croft, Traini, Dunbar Look Like Winners, Other Races Closer

Demboski, Croft, Traini, Dunbar  look like they are winners.

The South Anchorage race is too close to call.

Bettye Davis is likely the winner in her School District race, the other race is too close.

The Tax proposition is likely to pass - this is the one former mayor Dan Sullivan supported.

The props look mostly yes.  The school bonds are not certain.  The Girdwood proposition looks shaky.  Marijuana tax is a landslide.

You can see the exact numbers for Assembly and School Board here.  And the propositions here.
(These links update, so the numbers you get will depend when you link.  I'm linking now to the 21:57pm edition.)

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