Monday, April 27, 2015

How Can You Help People In Nepal? Meet Usha.

We had dinner at the Spice Route restaurant in the Pavillion Mall on Bainbridge Island.  As we were leaving we began talking to one the employees there.  It turns out she's from Nepal and, understandably, very upset about the earthquake that just happened.    Alaskan readers, if you think this is too far away, she also lived in Homer for two years.

She's trying to figure out how she can get help here and get it back to Nepal.  Not only does she need all the things that are needed, she also needs local Bainbridge Island folks to help her organize this.  (And Poulsbo folks, you're in this too - that's where she lives.)

I offered to make a video, which I did, but I had to cut it short because my memory card got full.  Here it is:

"My name is Usha McCollum.  I live in Poulsbo, Washington and I’d from Nepal.  Right now the earthquake very affected my family, the whole country, my relatives.  I spoke with my mom, a since a long time trying to talk with her two days ago,  she sounds like she’s ok, but she didn’t explain what was going on, because she’s old, she’s nervous,  and I tried, you know, to make it better for her, but right now even I’m trying to call but I haven’t any connection with her. 

But right now I’m just pray, just pray,   So, right now, I concerned about Nepal, what can I do about it?  You know, for relief, those people, those children, my country.  I’m trying to help from  where I am in the Bainbridge Island Indian restaurant, I’m trying to think about it, making the posters, making the pictures, whatever, making a fundraiser, making a dinner here, and trying to explain to the community, maybe talk, maybe school, I’m going to start from tomorrow."
She works at the Spice Route Indian restaurant in the Pavillion mall (upstairs) on Madison on Bainbridge Island.  You can contact her there at 206 780 3545.  If she's not there, let them know why you're calling.   If you can help in any way.  Go by there and let them know.  She's trying to figure out ways to raise some money to send to Nepal.  Maybe you can invite her to talk to your school or your organization.  Anyone involved in philanthropy or aid programs could give her some guidance for other organizations that she could work with.

And she lives in Poulsbo, so folks there might want to chip in as well. 

Lastly, are there any people in Homer who remember her?  She came with her then husband Paul McCollum whom she met in Nepal.  Or you can email me at whatdoino(at) and I'll forward your message to her. 

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