Thursday, April 16, 2015

Big Wheels

At a bike rack at University of Alaska Anchorage today:

Why so big a wheel?  The Unicycling Society of American says:
"For riding outdoors on the street, you can use a 20” freestyle unicycle, or you can use a unicycle with a somewhat larger wheel, say, 24” to 29”.  The larger the wheel, the faster and farther you can ride. Beginners will find it easiest to start on a unicycle with a 20” to 24” wheel.  Smaller children may need to start on a 16” wheel." (emphasis added) says they sell 5000 a year in the US and another 5000 outside the US and their goal is to reach 1% of the population.  The link has the owner pitching to funders about his unicycle business.  He estimates about 1 million unicycles in the US. 

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