Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Quick Seattle Stop

Got to spend a couple of hours with my little shark on the way home.  Including a quick look around at the aquarium.  The octopus was putting on quite a show, I was fighting low light and reflections on the glass.

We left early from LA and it was clear until just before Seattle.  We were in the cloud until a couple of seconds before landing.

Not sure what promotion this plane was about.

Fare enforcement checked tickets and he spent a long time talking to the lady in the center who had just barely gotten on with her stroller and baby.  I was thinking, she was happy when she made the train, but maybe not so much now.  But they seemed to settle whatever it was amicably.  She did have to show id.  

By 3pm the fog was gone, the sky was blue, and the air was clean and not really cold.

So I was busy today and only have a short time to post a little bit before boarding.  But I did see the front page of the ADN and hope to comment on the Pierre McHugh's new job as well as the governor's telling Gasline Commissioners not to sign the non disclosure agreement.   


  1. The paint job commemorates 50 years of statehood.

    The theme is 'We're all pulling together.'

    1. Thanks for the clarification. Had to get stuff up quickly at the airport and didn't have time to look it up.


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