Monday, July 14, 2014

Seattle Sunset

I took this picture as we landed at SeaTac Sunday at 9 pm.

We normally take the train into town, but we were hoping we might catch the 9:45pm ferry to Bainbridge and took a cab who liked the challenge and got us to the ferry on time.  I think we got an assist from a huge crowd of happy Seattle Sounders fans were getting on the ferry too and departure was delayed a bit to accommodate all the soccer fans.

Good gramping today.  With good friends from Chicago who met us there.   She never got a nap but she was great the whole time.  Toward sunset Monday, we discovered the bike rack.  At first she was very hesitant to go under the loop, but after a few tentative tries, she started having fun  and we spent over 20 minutes walking through and over the metal loops.

The sunset picture is directly from the picture with no post photo manipulation, except cropping.  

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