Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Compulsive Maybe? Rumors, Learning Chinese, Everything Avocado, and Bedbugs - Stuff I Found Online

1.    The Art of Cleanup at typograffit can be called a reordering of the everyday or the work of a control freak.  Maybe both.  But it makes you rethink things we take for granted.    There's a series of before and after pictures.  Here's an example.  It's basically pictures and quick and easy.  But you'll be surprised at what she does.

 2.   Snopes - Rumor has it  is a fact checking site.  In this post they look at a video that purports to show President Obama in Russia sticking his hand out to Russian officials but no one will take it.  Then they show the actual footage that was left out that changes everything. 

3.   From  How Clever Design Can Help You Learn Chinese   on Slate.

How to remember the characters for fire, tree, sun, and moon.  And lots more characters. 

4.   Things you didn't know you could do with an avocado.  29 Next-Level Things To Do With Avocado . From brownies to baked eggs and a lot more recipes I think (emphasis on think) want to try.

 5.  Worried about bedbugs when you travel?  Bedbug Reports shows you reports by folks who found bedbugs in their hotel.  You can check out cities and specific hotels.   

[6/4/14 - I'm reposting this because feedburner didn't seem to pick it up when I posted it yesterday. Let's see if it works this time][It did.]

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