Saturday, May 03, 2014

How Much Do You Pay Your Lobbyist? Nothing? Maybe That's Why

. . . the things you want your legislature to pass don't get passed.  The Alaska Public Offices Commission posted the list of Alaskan lobbyists, their clients, and their fee on April 24, 2014.

This list is by the lobbyist, with a list of their clients and their fee for each client.  They vary, some are 'annual fee', some 'hourly fee', some 'monthly fee.'

Check out how much different organizations are paying to get continuous monitoring of legislation and access to legislators.  And consider how much you are paying for this kind of service.

I really haven't had much time to look at this list carefully, but, for example,  I'd note that GCI pays:
  • Ashley Reed $50,000 a year
    "All legislation, and administrative activities,
    regarding or impacting phone and
    telecommunications services"
  • Reed Stoops $40,000 a year for
    "All telecommunications issues relating to GCIs
    internet, cable, telephone, wireless and TV
    business in Alaska."
  • Sam Kito Jr. $40,000 a year for
    "All things regarding telecommunication issues
    and broadcasting issues"
  • Eldon Mulder $40,000 a year
    "All issues pertaining to information
    technology, broadband and
Be careful.  This is probably more complicated than just looking at the list.  Anyone who has insights to things or people on the list, please leave them in the comments.   Below is a scribd version, but you can go to the APOC website and download it yourself here.

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