Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AIFF 2013: Reel Life Director Laurence Relton on AIFF, Reel Life, High Concept

Here's a ten minute interview I had with Laurence Relton, one of a number of UK film makers who made it to Anchorage for the film festival in December. 

Sort of a Spoiler Notice
I enjoyed his hoonrable mention short feature.  It played with the conventions of romantic comedy and basically asks the question:  I real life or reel life better?  The film reminds us of the way film is made -pointing out the ways editors move us along,  making cuts here and there that don't happen in real life.  The acting and production values are very high and this short is definitely worth watching. 

Relton is a lawyer as well as a film maker.  I expect we'll hear his name more. 

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