Sunday, December 15, 2013

AIFF 2013: Sunday! Almost Over! What To See?

I think having just one car between us AND having one of the film makers staying with us made things a little more hectic this year.  But there were lots of good films, lots of visiting film makers, but not enough time.

I'm headed for 7 Cajas at 11:30 am - I haven't seen this Paraguayan film that was one of the biggest Paraguayan films ever.  People say it's good.

We saw You'll Be A Man Saturday night and it's a very good film.  The film maker, Benoit Cohen, said, after the showing that it had a small release in France - but it was too normal to be a success in France.  It's doing much better on the US festival circuit. Their characters, as troubled as they were, weren't committing adultery or incest.  It is a very warm and touching film that explores relationships that are feared today because of the potential for abuse, but can be (and in this movie are) caring and needed.  Very worth watching, especially so if you also understand French.  The Director and Producer are in town and should be at the showing Sunday at AK Exp at 1:30pm.  You can see a very short video of Benoit and Matthieu describing their arrival in Alaska.

Icebound was the opening night film - a documentary about the 1924 serum run to Nome.  Think you know all there is to know?  This film bursts a lot of myths about the run - including the Balto myth. 

Lion Ark plays again at 3pm.  You can watch my video with the director Tim Phillips here.  I made this earlier in LA.   It documents the rescue of 25 lions from illegal circuses in Bolivia.

Awards Ceremony starts at 4pm at the Organic Oasis.  I'll try to blog them live and maybe tweet too.  (@whisper2world, #ancff). 

Here's the official schedule for SUNDAY DECEMBER 15, 2013:

11:00 AM

Documentary Program | 94 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
11:30 AM

Juan Carlos Maneglia | Feature | 100 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
1:00 PM

Documentary Program | 85 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
1:30 PM

Benoit Cohen 2013 | Feature | 87 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
2:00 PM

Daniel Anker 2013 | Documentary | 100 min.
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
3:00 PM

Tim Phillips 2013 | Documentary | 97 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
4:30 PM

Awards Gala | 210 min.
Organic Oasis
8:00 PM

Best of Fest | 120 min.
screens with...
  • McConkey | Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff 2013
Bear Tooth Theatre

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